Most Loved Female- Vasia28

Most Loved Male- –Marco.

Most Loved User- vasia28

The Fashion Elite Award-n1mka4eva

Biggest Persona- Miss_lolitaF

Drama Queen- Miss_lolitaF

Interior Decorated- Singingmermaid

Magazine Furor- Eternity Magazine

Stardoll Artist- Ciaraleanne

Blog Buzz- Kind of Media

The Elite Award- Writemarycat

Just a GOOBYE letter...

The stardoll Elite Awards was my biggest project ever! This isn't what I want. I'm actually happy anyway. Soon the awards will be manager by Linda better know as Elite-girl or KOM. I belive she will do an amazing job. I'll still finish mine. Don't worry! I'll probably won't do any FIESTA. I don't feel like I want to in this new GBs. I'll anounce you guys the winners and that's it! I'm sorry. I know people were expecting more but belive me. I'm moving to bigger and better things. Things that I enjoy to do more.

I called this GOODBYE but you'll see the winners here one monday. This is not a goodbye is a see you soon...

The Nominees

Most Loved Famale- vasia28 Elite-Girl Shakira_Avril Mimi_Mami

Most Loved Male-MadWorld –Marco. Nojarama Brit-on-me

Most Loved User- MadWorld –Marco., Nojarama, Brit-on-me, vasia28, Elite-Girl, Shakira_Avril, Mimi_Mami.

The Fashion Elite Award- N1mka4eva, Gkmktk, writemarycat, yazzieblue.

Biggest Persona- Mimi_Mami, Miss_LolitaF, emorox4eva, writemarycat

Drama Queen/King- miss_lolitaf Vasia28 Elite-girl Tylerisbold

Interior decorated- filipinhamaria writemarycat singingmermaid SakuraDream

Magazine furor – Eternity Cyanide Fierce Recherche
Stardoll Artist- dodence_bt hunnigall doinker_chic ciaraleanne
Blog Buzz- King of media , Underneath Stardoll, Stardoll's Most wanted, Stardoll Fashion Forward,
The Elite Award- Writemarycat .Pease. Stardoll Elite News Findurlove xlou26 vasia28 -Marco. tylerisbold

Really ?!

I'm making this post because I'm dissapointed. I'm also doing this to inform you all! YOU SHOULDN'T ASK PEOPLE TO VOTE ON YOU! That beeing sayed people that did that won't have their votes counted. Do I have any proofs about this ? Yes i do. I thought this wouldn't happend but hell it did! PLEASE STOP! Well I hope everyone understood my messange. You guys have until 13 of july to vote.

Peace out


These are the categories:
Most Loved Famale-
4 nominees
Most Loved Male- 4 nominees
Most Loved User –2 nominees
The Fashion Elite Award- 4 nominees
Biggest Persona- 4 nominees
Drama Queen/King-4 nominees
Interior decorater-4 nominees
Magazine furor – 4 nominees
Stardoll Artist-4 nominees
Blog Buzz- 4 nominees
The Elite Award- 8 nominees

First you won't vote for all of them. If you need any detail about the categories click HERE.
You will find everything you need to know about the categories ifyou click in the link i gave you.

Here it's the categories you will vote for:
Most Loved Famale-
Most Loved Male-
The Fashion Elite Award-
Biggest Persona-
Drama Queen/King-
Interior decorater-
Magazine furor –
Stardoll Artist-
Blog Buzz-
The Elite Award-

Choose only one person for each category, please!You have to vote on comments, Thanks Lou :D She know what I mean. Also thanks to all the team: Pirata111, Mimi_mami and daisy_croatia.